Drotek XL RTK Base Not Recognized

I have purchased a set of Drotek XL RTK modules, one intended as rover and the other intended as based, to get RTK running on my PX4 drone. So far I have connected them following the guide on PX4 site:

  • rover module connected to Pixhawk GPS port
  • base module connected to computer via USB
  • Telemetry radio connecting computer and Pixhawk

The problem is that my QGC doesn’t seem to recognize the base module. Nothing happens when I plug it in. I am not seeing the RTK GPS icon that’s suppose to popup on the UI. I can see that the rover module is working properly because QGC shows good 3D fix for my drone. What could be the problem here? Am I missing some kind of configuration or driver?

I am able to connect the base module to u-center and everything seems to work fine.


Sorry for the late reply, could you have a look at the drivers you installed? u-blox Virtual drivers do not work with QGC for the moment. Could you try to uninstall the Virtual Driver and try with the standard driver?