Drotek Zed-f9p for Arducopter multirotor photogrammetry

So I am interested in Drotek ZED-F9P GPS with RM3100 magnetometer to use it with my octocopter based on Cube Black with Arducopter 4.0 firmware. I have some questions:

  1. Are there any problems with arducopter firmware for F9P with RM3100 and Cube Black ? or everything is ok now ?
  2. Is there will be possibility to use CAN-bus in the future to connect FPp GPS and RM3100 to Arducopter ?
    3.Is there any workflow to geotag photos with PPK method for F9P GPS ? It can be done in Mission Planner with CAM messages or I need other software ?
  3. Can I use Here+ as base GPS and Drotek ZED-F9P as rover GPS on a multirotor to worok in GPS RTK FIX mode? or I have to buy to ZED-F9Ps ?