Dual gps vtol location

Hello, tell me please, we have a vtol plane, we put two sirius gps rtk on it. one of them on the fuselage, the other on the tail. The distance between them is approximately 50 centimeters along the X axis and 20 along the Y axis. Will this distance affect the positioning in the mode of mixing the readings gps? Or before each flight all readings are calibrated and this distance is taken into account programmatically?

What are you trying to do ? What kind of autopilot are you using ?
Do you want to average both GPS readings to get a more accurate location value ?
Please have a look at the M8P data summary (here), you will notice that the CEP (Circular Error Probability) is about 2.5m.

Yes, I want to use both gps for averaging and increasing positioning accuracy. Pixhawk 3 pro.