Dual use for the SIRIUS RTK Base

Hi Folks,

We are a potential customer for the Drotek positioning products. However, most of our applications are not flight related, but we do need RTK level precision and mobility for a variety of different uses. As such, the SIRIUS RTK Rover being specifically designed to interface with the Pixhawk autopilots, is not likely to be compatible with many of our applications. Importantly, the SIRIUS RTK Base form factor and internal battery configuration is suitable for several of our applications.

Given that the form factor for the SIRIUS RTK Base is interesting to us, the question arises of whether two ZED F9P Base units can be used in the following way:

SIRIUS RTK Base #1 configured as a base, and
SIRIUS RTK Base #2 configured as a rover.

This arrangement would allow us to mount the battery powered SIRIUS RTK Base with its threaded mounting hole on mobile and fixed platforms of choice and opportunity as needed for our applications.

In theory, the ublox ZED F9P GNSS modules within the SIRIUS RTK Base should be able to be configured either way through the ublox u-center application.

Is this configuration allowable within the Drotek product family, or is it specifically excluded for some reason?

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Hi Allan,

thanks for reaching out to us. You can indeed use the Sirius F9P Base product either as a base or a rover. It simply depends on the internal configuration you set.

Have a nice day