Error code 10 (device doesn't start), not recognized

Dear Drotek,

I have recently purchased a tiny rover and base unit. At first if i connected the rover unit and it popped up as sensor. Therefor u-center couldn’t find it as COM port. I found it lays within the driver settings, and it was, it was now working.

Then i switched to my base unit got some configuration done and tried the telemetry link, like in the tutorial. But i got Error 43 in some lines from the base unit. I looked it up and found it means a short between tx and rx is this correct (cause i did measure between leads and found no short).

But now i can’t seem to get the M8P-2 (base) connected to any of my computers. Sometimes my computer finds the device with Error 10 don’t know what this means. I checked the drivers all are up to date. Is there a way to fix it?

Please help

Best wishes,
Quinten Spiering

windows 10


We have had a lot of problems with the sensor drivers, I would start over by deleting all previous drivers and try installing standard driver only :


I uninstalled the old drivers and used the one you provided. Those driver makes the base unit show up as COM device, but only for a brief moment.

If i start u-center to configure the base, u-center freezes until i unplug the base module from my pc. When i plug the module in my pc again the code 10 error comes up again.

When i uninstall en reinstall every thing it comes up again. But i can’t get a fix on my location via module or do anything in configurations.

Can it be the drivers, cause the rover module can be configured just fine.

Hope to hear from you soon,
Quinten Spiering

If you think it is a hardware problem, you can open a ticket there and send the module back to us, we will inspect it and replace it if there is any problem with it.

Yes it was definitely my computers fault.

After plugging in the Base unit into a friends computer, it only had to be changed to usb-serial driver and it worked like a charm. Still no solution for my computers problem.

Best wishes,
Quinten Spiering

Hi Kevin,

I found the error it was dealing with. It was the symbol “&” in one of the directories names who was bugging me. Now it works like it should.

Thanks for your help,
Quinten Spiering