F9P and antenna cable lenght with DA910

I got f9p from you and da910 antenna also

Can i use 35m of lmr-400 sma cable ? What is max signal loss?

Hi there,

Normally, we use a 1m long cable that has a significantly lower power loss compared to longer cables. Unfortunately, I don’t have information for longer cables as 35m.
It could lose between 20% to 50% of the original signal.
I have attached the documentation of the DA910 antenna for your reference.
DA910 specs

LMR-400 sma cable has the lowest signal loss in its class due to its double shieldng. To calculate the cable loss, we could use the cable loss mode on an antenna analyzer.
To improve voltage regulation in a circuit, you can increase the cross-sectional size of the conductors. This is done to lower the overall resistance of the cable length.

I hope this helps.