F9P as Base. APX-15 as Rover

Hello, and apologies if this is somewhat off topic, but I haven’t had any luck elsewhere.

I have a ZEDF9P that I’m using as a base station. No issues with that at all. I also have an Applanix APX-15 mounted on a UAV, to which I’d like to send RTCM corrections. The messages are sent over LoRa and passed to the APX-15 via the serial port (via a Raspberry Pi).

The APX-15 recognizes the messages as RTCMv3 but does not log them, and does not appear use them for corrections. The documentation states that the corrections will be used automatically if they are recognized, and they seem to be. I’m reasonably sure the messages aren’t corrupt, since if I deliberately corrupt them, they’re no longer recognized. For what it’s worth, sending the messages via TCP on port 5018 gives the same result.

Applanix support has not been helpful.

Does anyone have any experience with the APX-15 or have any suggestions for troubleshooting this problem? If any clarifications are required, I’ll be happy to provide them.

Thank you.