F9P complete system

I want to use the SIRIUS RTK GNSS BASE (F9P) together with the SIRIUS RTK GNSS ROVER on my UAV and other devices. For the telemetry I want to use the Radio Telemetry Kit.

  1. As we have no Pixhawk I don’t know if it would work together with our UAV. Our flightctrl 3 has a 4-pin UART port expecting NMEA format. Can I connect the 6-pin output skipping the SCL & SDA pins?

  2. I don’t want to use any computer in the field. The base is only connected to the radio telemetry kit. The rover is also connected to the radio telemetry kit and outputs directly the corrected location in NMEA format. Am I missing some device that the system can work? (Base + Rover + Telemetry Kit. No computer in system, only for configuration)


What is the minimum hardware necessary to get the Sirius (F9P) Base/Rover to communicate together and output a RTK position ?

Can we even not use a flight controller but just a NMEA logger of some sorts?


Base + Telemetry Kit + Rover + Logger would be enough… I checked the accuracy with a tablet connected to the rover via USB. Worked fine.

Depending on what you want it might be better to buy the F9P chip and not directly the rover (but you would need antenna, chip, battery…). The connection fits to the pixhawk flight controller but not to many other devices… it has JST-GH 6 pin cable for the output, which is quiet annoying if you don’t use the pixhawk. There are no cables/adapters available to extend the cable or connect it to another device. The only possibility I found was cutting off the plug or making a small circuit board with the 6pin jst-gh socket (I only found it for smd soldering…) and another socket you could use better…

Thanks. This sounds like the plan I was figuring out. Nice to know I won’t miss something. I indeed plan on getting the OEM instead of the build-in version of the F9P for my project. Thanks for the tips concerning the JST-GH connector. I am probably going to go for the cut and solder version (the logger will most likely be an Arduino with a logger shield in my project).

Could you expand more on this?

I have the RFD900X Telemetry kit, Drotek Sirius RTK Base and Rover. Is there information or documentation for creating the logger?