F9P connecting to QGroundControl


I got some trouble connecting F9P (both base and rover) to QGC. I can use U-center and Mission Planner to connect to the base and start survey in. However, using QGC it cannot detect the F9P. I already tried stable release and daily build of QGC, and under general->AutoConnection to the following devices-> “RTK GPS” is checked, still no luck. Then I unchecked this “RTK GPS”, and try to setup a manual connection under Comm Links, it just say Could not create port. Access is denied.

Is there a solution for that?


Hi Cjffly,

Ok so having this “RTK GPS” box ticked is good. Do not use the COM port feature below, QGC is normally detecting the F9P devices by itself at startup. However you need to set the survey-in feature to, let’s say, 120seconds and 3m for instance.

In addtition, make sure the base as well as the rover are revert back to default configuration, using u-center, prior connecting them to QGC.

Then try again.

Please keep me in touch :slight_smile:

Hi Paul,

Previously I connect the base to my PC, and open QGC, but I didn’t connect any FC to the PC, so QGC didn’t show up anything. Once I connect one of my FC (no GPS/rover attached) to the PC, the QGC shows my FC, and the RTK survey in icon. I guess that is the way how QGC works, you have to connect some vehicle to show the RTK icon. Am I right?

Or in your case, if you connect the RTK base and no other flight controller is connect to the PC, will QGC show any RTK icon?



You don’t need to connect any FC prior connecting the base directly via USB.
Simply tick the “RTK GPS” into the QGC settings, then plug your base to the PC over USB and it should be right. Again, no FC needed.

Let me know if it does work or not.

Hi Paul,

I tried only connect the Base via USB, QGC wont show the RTK. I also have M8P base, it performs the same result.


I will check that out today.
I am coming back to you very soon.

Maybe it is a driver related issue