F9P (DP0601) sudden loss of fix for short periods of time

I have a DP0601 module which operates well, finds rtk fixes with 30 sats routinely. However intermittently the solution will drop out to no fix and have zero sats. It will recover extremely quickly, often jumping straight to a float solution.

I’m struggling to debug the fault. I’ve seen the issue across 2 sets of cables, antennas, and DP0601 modules.

The system is operating on a drone, the module is connected to a pixhawk 2.1 cube running arducopter.

My main question is what sort of fault could be causing such a quick loss of fix?

Any help is much appreciated.

Hello there,

The modules may hang if the refresh rate is set too high and the serial communication speed is too slow. Hence the module gets stucked because of the combination of both parameters.

  • Try connecting the DP0601 to a PC running u-center.
  • Set the parameters to default, by clicking the “gear wheel” icon in the tool bar.
  • Check whether the issue is there or not.
  • If not, the problem comes from a wrong autopilot communication speed configuration.