F9P logging issue

We are using the f9P by Drotek to log 5 Hz data. When I try to log raw GNSS data using u-center, the moment I change the RATE to 5 hz, UBX-RAWX message is getting deactivated. I made a short video on it in the below link.

The baudrate is set to the highest possible.
Any help is highly appreciated.

Dear Vana,

You are not using the “Generation 9 Configuration View”, you are using previous which IMO could cause conflicts. Check with Gen 9 if it’s the same …


Thank you for the response. I also have this issue of data gaps while logging at 5 Hz. When I log data in open sky, in a parking lot with antenna attached to car ceiling, I keep getting data gaps and the gaps increase with time. This seems to happen while logging at 5 Hz and not at 1 Hz. Can you help me figure out if I am missing any settings?

The option is probably greyed out when enabling the 5Hz update rate because the message payload is maybe considered as too big.

As a workraround I suggest you to unselect all the messages in the MSG register first, then try to type in the 5Hz value. If still no luck, you could try with a lower update rate. If anything other than 1Hz won’t work, I advise you to configure the registers using the new Gen9 way devices should use.

PS : Furthermore, did you try upgrading the F9P firmware ?

A data gap issue increasing over time is certainly due to a buffer overflow. This happen when the serial timing are slower than the reading speeds. All in all, you should definitely try to lower the update rate and/or managing your message payload by tweaking the MSG register.