F9P Rover Pixhawk4 Ntrip with LTE

i have the F9P Rover Uart2 connected to pixhawk4 Uart & I2C connector.
The GPS works and i can see it on missionplaner with a telemetry Modul.
I have a user to ntrip and would make a connection directly from the F9P or from the pixhawk4.
It is a rover and i dont would make a connection with a computer.

What hardware do i need to make a ntrip LTE client on the rover directly on the F9P Rover Modul?

I read now 2 days and i couldn’t find a solution.
Greetings Tom

You can refer to ESPrtk’s ESPrtk 3G / 4G / LTE solution 3.8.0 and use it with Drotek F9P Rover.
You can use any GSM / Cellular module of Ublox / Simcom / Quectel.
This version is being tested and will be available in the near future.

Sounds like a great project Tom !
Me too I am using a Pixhawk 4, but I am stuck a little earlier in the setup : are you connecting the Pixhawk 4 GPS unit as well or only the F9P unit ?
I cant seem to get both working alongside eachother, let alone pass RTK data to the rover.
As for the RTK data : you want to connect to your NTRIP server and then pass taht info on to the Pixhawk. I am not sure about the specifics but as a project I would start with a raspberry pi and use a LTE hat like this one Raspberry Pi 3G/4G-LTE Base HAT
(i have no affiliation whatsoever). It’s not the minimalistic solution but it will offer a well documented path and flexibility. You can further streamline the solution later.
Good luck, Peter