Fesability georeferencing in urban projet

I have a project for a client of georeferencing of element in the ground in urban town. I need to choose a tool in order to achieve an accuracy of 10cm horizontally and with a covergence position of less than 2 minutes if possible on the target. May be an interface on the phone to note the coordinate of these points.
Can you refer me and show me the best solution?

I thank you in advance

To detail a little more, after reading many articles, I had the idea of using a SIRIUS RTK GNSS BASE F9P as rover station and using a fixed station, in Bron near Lyon, present within 20km in NTRIP public data euref-IP and the RTKGPS+ application to make the corrections in real time.

What about connection between my phone and the GPS rover, should I add a bluetooth dongle or a simple USB port with my phone will work?

What is the maximum limit with this “professional” base in order to be in RTK fixed? and how long does it usually take if will be used when open-sky

What is the performance of the antenna used in the SIRIUS RTK GNSS BASE F9P station in terms of rejection of buildings, gain ?, versus a TW7972 Tallysman Multi-band GNSS Antenna antenna?

Do the stations have an embedded web interface like the Reach to facilitate configuration?