Firmware update

Nice to meet you.
I purchased “Tiny RTK GPS” from your company.
We tried to update the firmware at our company.
However, it will result in an error like an attached file and the version can not be upgraded.
Each version is shown below.
Do you know anything about the cause?

PC : Windows10 64bit
firmware : UBX_M8_301_HPG_130_REFERENCE_NEOM8P2.59a07babb501ba6a89ff87cac2f2765f.bin
u-center ver : 8.24

Thank you.

First, make sure that your TinyRTK is marked as NEO-M8P-2 (otherwise use the NEO-M8P-0 firmware). Then check the “USB alternative update method” box and try again.

Have you installed VCP drivers or Standard drivers?

Hi Kevin.
I tried this in this way. As a result I was able to update it. Thank you.