Fluctuating between RTK Float and Fix mode

I am using the Tiny RTK with my custom made FC and GCS. I am doing GPS injection method.
I was able to fix few bugs because of which I am able to enter the RTK Fix mode after 3-4 mins upon completing the survey-in
Sometimes it fluctuates between the RTK Float and Fix but eventually stabilizes at the RTK Fix mode
What could be the reason ?

I am using the Microhard (5.8G) as the data link

I think it is normal and depends upon the quality of received satelites on the rover.

Looks like there is not the best reception of the same satellites. They need to “see” the same satellites because the base is sending the infos regarding these exact satellites. If they can’t “see” the same satellites or some of them in poor quality there can’t be a stable fix

Ok, thanks for the info
The issue is more about satellite reception
Would placing the base station or data link close to the drone help
or is there any other solution

No, won’t really help unless you get good data from both gps antennas.
You really need an unblocked view to the sky for both antennas.
You can check if it is a problem with the data connection between rover and base or if it is a problem with not enough correction signals. To do so, link to the Rover and take a look at the
UBX-RXM-RCTM Message. This tells you wether or not the corrections are recieved and taken into account for the fix.
The other thing you can check is the pure amount of satellites and if they are the same at both ends.

Really helpful and valuable