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From Radio to servomotors with a PPM encoder


I’m working on a student project about drones. I have a flying wing
I have a question about the PPM encoder. I have some difficulties with the PPM encoder. I don’t understand how to link the 8 channels of the radio (Aurora9) to the servomotors and the motors. And i also don’t understand how all the system works : how a push on the Roll joystick or the pitch joystick will move the position of the 2 servomotors from my plane.

A french or a english reply are fine for me.
Thank you for your help or your explanation !


Can you give a little more details about your setup, what flight controller are you using for example? The PPM encoder “encodes” your 8 channels into a single one, then your flight controller “decodes” this signal and “mixes” it to convert into position setpoints (using PWM) for your surfaces.