FrSky Telemetry with Pixhawk3 Pro?

how can I connect Pixhawk-3-Pro-Telemetry to FrSky-Telemetry (X8R-Receiver, SBUS-Connection)?
I have several adapter-cables which all work fine with my Pixhawk-1 and HKPilot, but Pixhawk-3 does not transmit any data (Pixhawk 3 runs PX4).

Otmar fugmann

Meanwhile I found a post where it is mentioned, that TELEM3/4 should provide a direct access to FrSky-Telemetry. The connection can be made by connecting GND to the receiver, and TX solderd with RX to the signal pin of the SmartPort of the receiver.
Is this correct? It doesnot work…
Does anybody has experience with this?

Otmar Fugmann

The best free and open source telemetry for Frsky is here:

unfortunately the link shows only telemetry for pixhawk with ardupilot to frsky; those configurations work fine with my ardupilot-pixhawk; but telemtry does not work with Pixhawk3 and PX4-software.


Hello again!

Does nobody else has experience with Pixhawk3Pro-Telemetry and FrSky? I still have not found a working solution…


Are you devoted to using PX4 instead of arducopter on your Pixhawk 3 Pro? I have experience with arducopter so I learned that its’ supported on Pixhawk 3 Pro so I went ahead and installed Arducopter using Mission Planner and it works just fine. The open source .lua frsky telemetry script that’s linked to above may not work for you but that’s because you’re running PX4 and not because you’re using Pixhawk 3 Pro. It should work if you install arducopter instead.

@ masters_will:
No, I’m not devoted to PX4; just far from it! I am using arducopter since several years with my pixhawk-1 and I’m fine. I tried PX4 because it was recommended for Pixhawk-3 (and preinstalled). So I will also try to install arducopter on Pixhawk-3.

But what correct wiring for FrSky-Telemetry? I have read about the following possibilities for connecting the telemetry from pixhawk-3 to a frsky-receiver:

  1. connecting any of the Pixhawk-Telem-Ports and FrSky-SmartPort with special adapter cable, for example from C&T.

  2. connecting Telem-3 directly to FrSky-SmartPort, using a wire for GND and another wire for signal (soldering TX and RX of Telem-3 together)

Are these two alternatives correct?


I asked same question and I think the answer is #2 - connecting telem 3/4 directly to frsky smartport using GND and splicing TX & RX together for signal. Basically, same connection as that of pixracer… Least, this is how I’ve wired mine. Caveat - I haven’t tested frsky telemetry yet. I’m stuck on a problem with my rfd900x telemetry radio and havent’ gotten around to plugging in the smartport telemetry…

Good luck!

I can use FrSky telemetry, with a C&T cable (JST GH connector for pixhack). It works for me only on Telem 1 and Telem 2 with Ardupilot, and the Yapuu script. I can’t get it working on telem 3/4.