Garmin lidar lite v3

hi there!
I am trying to connect the new v3 garmin lidar lite to DropixV2 board.
according to Copter wiki, pwm connection is routed to pin AUX OUT 5 and 6 to orginal 2.4.5pixhawk board, which is missing on dropix.
Does anyboady have experience on this topics?
thanks for your help!

According to wiki : “The use of pin 55 [that is AUX6, missing on Dropix] as the stop pin is just a suggestion, not a requirement. It connects to the enable pin on the Lidar, and allows the driver to reset the Lidar if it stops providing readings.”

Then : “The use of pin 54 for the PWM signal is required, and only FMU AUX5 (pin 54) can be used due to the internal timer routing of the Pixhawk.”

Have you tried this way?

Hi Kevin
so you suggest to still use AUX5 (pin 54) for PWM and simply ignore the stop pin?
I guess this was quite important to reset the Lidar in case of unexpected stop of the readings…
I will give it a try and rather use the AUX4 for the stop pin.

I’ll keep you updated!