Got a fix on Moving base configuration with the DP0601 RTK GNSS (XL F9P), there ar a few things that needs to be tweeked we just can't figure it out

  • , the update rate of the heading is quite slow. Is there a way to increase this rate??
  • The message we recieve via the com port, doesn’t include the heading in the text file any idea how we can include the heading in this message?

Hi there,

To increase the update rate, you can proceed by choosing:
"View>>Message View>>UBX>>CFG>>RATE (Rates), you may incease the rate to your preference. If you are unable to achieve it, you can attain the values by proceeding to
"View>>Message View>>UBX>>NAV>>RELPOSNED and clicking on ‘Poll’. (You may find an automated tool to click the poll at a certain rate)

I assume the message you receive via the com port are ubx files. To achieve this message, you may have to tick some check boxes to ensure the messages are being transfered.

Firstly ensure all the MSM7 messages are correctly transfered via USB.

Then please check the following link if you want to store this data and extract via RINEX files.

Also, you can get a csv file of their respective data via "View>>Table View;
Select the parameters you wish to extract.

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