GPS lock documentation

Hi all,

I am trying to fly a drone with the F9P Serous Drotek using PX4, but I keep getting a GPS lock that is: “3D DGPS”, but I do not know exactly what this means. Even worse, it is not clear to me what the other different GPS lock statuses mean, as I cannot find any documentation on this. I know that the following GPS locks are possible:

  • None,
  • 2D Lock,
  • 3D Lock,
  • 3D DGPS Lock,
  • 3D RTK GPS Lock (float),
  • 3D RTK GPS Lock (fixed),
  • Static (fixed)

Also as noted in this blog post, RTK fix is “the real deal”, and should be the goal. However, still I would like to know what exactly the other modes mean, and when and why other GPS lock modes are chosen. Also I am very interested into the accuracy of each GPS lock mode.

Is there anyone in possession of documentation on this matter?

Thank you,