GPS module with TIMEPULSE pin

I am looking for a GPS+COMPASS module (including antenna) that the M8N TIMEPULSE is present at the connector. reading the precise time in the precise moment is very important for me because I am going to use the module to synchronize several systems. can you recommend me what module should I buy ?
Thanks , Oren

Hello 1115,

As TimePulse device I would recommend the DP0601, the latest ZED-F9P module you can purchase on our store. It has a timepulse output in order to generate a precise sync clock signal.

You can check it out here :

If you have any question, feel free to ask.


Does the new F9T have time mark pin like F9P ?
In case of fast trigger like camera hot shoe trigger, does it have internal resistance like 1K Ohm to avoid double triggering or missing triggering ? Which range of voltage (protected circuit ?) is supported in this timemark pin ?


No answer ?

Hi Kikilsater,

First of all, please be aware the new F9T device is not an RTK device. However it does have 2 Timepulse pins synchronized with the GNSS signal and will be officially released very soon.

I am not aware about putting a resistor in order to prevent double triggering or so, and I do not think it will need one given that the Timepulse signal is a periodic square wave signal, not a latched output which may produce some glitches due to opening and closing some sort of switch.

In case I am wrong, please feel free to enlighten me.


back years after …
There is no EXTINT input in pinout … Is there a pin which directly connect to extint ublox f9p module ?

PDF pinout say it’s extint output

Is this Extint In or out ?

Whereas doc just mention extint

Ublox manual mention it’s an input pin not output …

If this is the direct pin, mind you help me to share configuration to send signal to extint ? I already enable TIM-TM2, RAWX and SRFBX on uart1 where there is an sd logger. Writing raw files works well but not TIM-TM2 : no events …

Got it working by disabling some uart2 in / out.
So it’s EXINT IN and not EXTINT OUT as mentioned in Drotek PDF …