GPS RTK KIT Dimensions \Weight

i bought a GPS RTK KIT and i have noticed that the the Rover Weight is 41 gram and not 23 gram as mention in the website, can u please explain why ?
what is the smallest GPS Rover size \light and low dimensions is available ?

Sorry there should be a mistake in the doc. The smallest RTK GPS is the Tiny.

what is the weight of Tine GPS RTK ?

about 3g

Thank you

  1. it is fully integrated with Autopilot ?
  2. in case i am using x1 GCS i can manage x4 drones in parallel ?

You can connect it to the Pixhawk 3 Pro.
It’s possible to connect a telemetry to the RTK base and broadcast the corrected data to the different RTK rover modules.

can u please confirm that this module is 18 g ?

what are the diff between 3dr-solo-rtk-gps \ XL GPS RTK ?

can u please advice?

Just the form factor and the magnetometer on the XL version.

thanks u - can u please confirm for “3dr-solo-rtk-gps” the Weight -18g and the dimensions(- i didn’t find them ? )
it is very critical info for our project


Yes the weight is 18g. The dimensions are identical than 3DR GPS one.