GPS unit


is there a way to plug this gps unit to the Flight Controller Board ? … cts_id=182


You have to connect the Tx pin of your GPS at Rx pin of the flight controller board. Next you connect the Vdd of GPS to 3.3V pin of controller with GND pin.
We are working on PA6C GPS board but it will available within 1 month.
See you soon.

Hmmm Rx GND 3.3V … looks like Spektrum interface ? Or which serial Port do u mean.

yes for sure!

  1. What is the serial port nr. of the spektrum interface? Cause i have to change it in the code shown below.


#define GPS #define GPS_SERIAL 2 // should be 2 for flyduino v2. It's the serial port number on arduino MEGA #define GPS_BAUD 115200 //#define GPS_BAUD 9600

  1. U said u are working on your own gps modul… will it be a I2C module or serial module too?

The futur GPS module will work with serial interface but no I2C. We have not yet used GPS with MUltiWii project so it’s hard to me to help you.


u have released your GPS, now. I bought one of them and it is shiped. I think i will get it in the next few days. Then i will try to use it with my board. Do u have more experience with GPS and the Mutli Wii project, now ? Would be nice to know =)

Yes I managed to run my GPS with Arduino on the I2C bus. Therefore I’m working on the futur I2C GPS will be able to use with all MultiWii project on Atmega328 for exemple.