Help with DP0105 NEO-M8N: no reception or programming

Dear Friends,

I am writing to you because a have a serious problem with DP0105. We have a WIRIS Pro. 9000€ camera that needs an external GPS to tagg photos and videos. We have used Drotek products, RTK base and rover and, although in this case the drone uses a DJI flight controller as a requirement of the company I am working for, I have just purchased DP0105. Camera is only able to communicate via UART al 115200 bauds with NMEA. My problem is really strange. Just powering the GPS +Vcc and GND (red and black cables) no LED is on even outdoors. I have programmed a lot od different modules M6N, and M8N using U-CENTER, however in this case I can only see the baud, change it, and no satelites appears on it. Could you please give me any idea?
I am thinking DP0105 is not programmable from UCENTER.

Thanks a lot!