Help with DroTek NEO-M8N with the HMC5983


I am new here and think IO have a problem with the DroTek NEO 8 with HMC5983. Looking at the site today it looks like I have an early version as it has no top green 3d fix light.
I have it connected to a Naze32 clone (flip) board. The GPS is working fine however the Mag seems all over the place.

When viewing the model in Baseflight/Cleanflight software the direction of the quad on screen moves back to it’s original place when you move the actual craft. It is like the board and the GPS are working against each other.

Now the funny things is if I turn the GPS board upside down with the patch antenna facing the floor the flip board and the compass seem to work together as you would expect and there is no drift to the screen model once it is stationary and it seems to represent what is happening.

It is like the HMC5983 has been fitted upside down on the GPS board?

IT is all a bit confusing as there seems no logical direction to point the GPS board so I have it with the writing on the top the right way up as I have seen others do.

Again not sure if this would affect the compass itself without GPS on.

It is a very difficult issues to explain and I have tried my best but any questions let me know.




I have fixed it.

The Naze32 FC has a setting in cleanflight cli

set align_mag =

the number 1 - 8 gives you

CW0_DEG=1, CW90_DEG=2, CW180_DEG=3, CW270_DEG=4, CW0_DEG_FLIP=5, CW90_DEG_FLIP=6, CW180_DEG_FLIP=7, CW270_DEG_FLIP=8

Then save.

I had to set to 8 so the mag was upside-down in default setting.

Hope this helps someone else.


Hi David,

Thanks for sharing ! This should be help !