High GPS jamming on new F9P


Recently I replace my M8P with F9P module on my Quad (RTK not in use), The new module give me some trouble of locking the GPS. I am running PX4 on my Pixhack V5+, if I use Position Mode the Quad wont hold the position but instead, drifting around. Here is the flight log of GPS info: before 1:40 the quad is not armed

The log says Jamming indicator is high, is this the reason the Quad wont hold position?

Also, the magnetic field also seem to be interference by the thrust a lot, is this normal?

OK, seems I figure out that the magnetometer in the SIRIUS rover does not recognize by the FC. The system is only using its internal magnetometer.

Now the problem becomes why the FC wont recognize the magnetometer in the SIRIUS module


What is the Sirius F9P version you ordered ? There are currently 2 versions of it. The first with no embedded mag and a second one with RM3100 magnetometer.

If you ordered the first one, the FC cannot therefore detect any external mag

Hi Paul,

Thanks for pointing out.

I check my order list, it says: 0911B, Sirius RTK GNSS ROVER (F9P) - Sensor : RM3100. So I guess it should have the RM3100 embedded? On the board it says Sirius F9P RTK v1.2

Updates. I manage to see RM3100 by using Mavlink command. According to this thread, type rm3100 start in Mavlink console (nsh>) using QGC, FC now can see the RM3100.

But everytime the vehicle reboot, I have to start the RM3100 manually. I have a Drotek Pixhawk Pro 3, and it seems the Pro 3 can detect RM3100 automatically, but my Pixhack V5+ does not (both running PX4 1.9.2). Any idea how to make the other FC to automatically start the RM3100?