HMC5983 gets very hot

I bought an HMC5983 breakout board that I want to connect to a PixRacer via I2C through the mag borad’s JST port.

When I connect the mag and power the Pixracer, the mag quickly gets very hot and starts smelling burnt. I have double checked the wiring and it looks correct.

I am now wondering what the problem could be.
According to this post, I do not have to solder any connections to use I2C (rather than SPI). Is this correct?

From the product description I gather that the voltage levels should not be problematic.

What else could be the problem?


Do you have a picture of your connections please?

Hi @jerome. Thanks for the quick response. Looking at it again after the weekend, I discovered that I did indeed have a wiring problem. It’s working fine now.

Sorry for the false alarm.