Hott_telemetry setup with pixhawk 3 pro and GR-12


I have fully updated my Graupner MX-12, my GR-12 Hott device and my Pixhawk 3 pro is running 1.9.1.

I have been trying to find out how to connect to my GR-12 and receive telemetry on my MX-12. I have configured the mx-12/gr-12 to use “sensor” on channel T (5 on GR-12 for Telemetry).

I have connected the “T” (5 on GR-12) on the TX pin of my pixhawk’ “Telem 2” port.
-Otherwise, the GR-12 is connected with PPM via channel 6 and the RC port of pixhawk (and this works)-

I have configured TEL_HOTT_CONFIG = “TELEM 2” in QGroundControl and rebooted. I can see with nsh that a process is running as “hott_telemetry -d /dev/ttyS2”.

I have extracted some logs from the pixhawk and I can see every 3/4 seconds:

[hott_telemetry] uart timeout on TX/RX port

I have also tried to set MAV_1_CONFIG = “TELEM2”, but I’m not sure if I should. (I guess not)

Is the above supposed to work, or am I missing a lot? (I’m new to this)
Tks for your help!

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