How can i calbrate the Ublox NEO-M8N GPS + HMC5983 compass (XL) on a apm 2.8

i bay the drotek m8n xl module antenne for maine apm
its arived and i do like in the pdf with the usb connektor to the antenne u center open en update the baudrate
connectio is perfect
so i put the module to the apm2.8 clone but first i solder the wire’s.
if i open mission planner de gps connect directly no problem but than i must calibrate the compas for rover
here is the problem i put on the screen extern compas on the left site i chance to roll 180 and than ik do live calibrite o turn de compas and the pilot on i wood plank in to al the derection i try it 100 times never is it good al te time it says there is an unspectetd error.
if i look on details it say the objekt is not on a example inputed.

can some whane help


On the XL version, compass is on the bottom of the board, so you should not select ROTATION_ROLL_180, you should select ROTATION_NONE. Can you try this?

i have bay a new whane last week on the site for a new projekt
i have the apm 2.8 version and the same m8n antenne
no i wand to calibrated but it don’s work!
som times its start and i have 3compares and i few with dotes and some times i have nothing like in the picture no white dots

white to sda
orange to scl
black to -
red tot 5+
yellow to rx
green to tx