How to activate L2 messages on GPS XL?


I configurated the GPS XL from DROTEK with Ucenter, but when I convert my ubx file to a RINEX file, I can read (L1 only).
Which messages in Ucenter can activate L2?

Thanks for your help.

Please can anyone help me? I found on the notice of ublox m8p that i need to enable RTCM 1003, 1004, 1011 and 1012. But I can’t find those messages in UBX - CFG - MSG.
Maybe I should enable all the RTCM messages?

What do you think?

The GPS XL using ublox NEO-M8P chip which only supports L1 band. So there is no ways to observe L2. The new F9 chip will support both L1 and L2/L5 band. You can also ask through the ublox forum platform if you have any question regarding the the application.

Thank you for your answer that makes sense. But still, how can I obtain a cm-precision with only L1 band? Which messages do you enable for this?
I selected the messages as precised in the datasheet, but I’m not sure I have the right configuration.
Could you please help me?

From my experience the cm-precision can only be obtained when you get RTK Fix solution instead of RTK Float.
However to get the cm-precision in Float mode, longer rover positioning measurement has to be done for i.e. 15 minutes per position.

The signal works better in open space, so make sure the base and the rover (when possible) are not placed near the source of multipath or signal obstruction i.e. tree, building.

Good is that someone has done the review using C94-M8P kit. You can read his website for better understanding, where the needed configuration is also explained.

Ok thank you for your answer. I’ll give it a try and let you know about my results.