How to connect HM-TRLR-S LORA Module using Pixhawk 2.1 Cube Black

I connect one module tor TELEM1 port of Cube and other module to PC using USB cable. I am using ArduPlane v3.9.8 and Mission Planner v1.3.68. What I see is blue led is constantly “ON” on both air and ground modules, and no communications. I also cannot find HM-TRLR-PCConfig software for download.

  1. How can I connect LORA Module using Pixhawk 2.1 Cube Black, and USB connection to PC?
  2. Where can I download HM-TRLR-PCConfig software?

Dear Drotek Officials,

I have bought HM-TRLR-S LORA modules from your store, and I can not find information about setting up these module for ArduPilot bidirectional telemetry.

I finally found and downloaded HM-TRLR-PCConfig software.

Could you plase tell me the required settings for Mavlink communication?

Dear Drotek,

Could you at least tell me if is it possible to use HM-TRLR-S LORA modules for Mavlink telemetry of ArduPilot or not?

Best wishes.

You can use HM-TRLR-S module with Pixhawk autopilots but keep in mind you have to configure the size of Mavlink packets since the LORA is used only for low rate communication.