How to setup DP0601 as base + DP0503 as rover

I’ve bought those modules and have some troubles to make it works together.
I’ve read the docs about base and rover setup but it seems something is going wrong.
The DP0601 was configured as base sending RTCM3 via RTCM3 port ©. After power up and survey finishes it seems to work fine.
The second step to configure DP0503 as a rover. Problems begin on this step.
First, I’m unable to configure UART2. When I’m select this port in the configuration window, selection jumps on UART1 or any other previous selection, but never stays on UART2.
Second, after configuration NMEA and UART1 as NMEA+UBX+RTCM3 mode, I’m powering up the module by connecting USB-TTL converter to ROVER port (B) and see NMEA+UBX messages are going fine. The module finds its position fast and accurate (3D fix).
And finally, I’m connecting RTCM3 © port on the base with TELEM port (A) on the rover and see RTCM3 messages instead of NMEA on the rover.
So, please tell me how I need to configure and connect those modules and what purpose of the TELEM-ROVER switch?

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Hello Vitaly,

Unlike the DP0601, the DP0503 is an M8P product, thus it only has one UART port which is call UART1. This is why you are unable to change to UART2 in u-center.

Considering there is only one UART COM port on the DP0503, if you want to use your DP0503 as standalone using a telemetry kit (with no autopilot), you should leave the switch into the TELEM position. However, if you are using an autopilot such as Pixhawk3Pro and want to pair the device with the autopilot, then move the switch to the rover position.

Afterwards, connect the telemetry kit to the corresponding COM port.


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Thanks for the quick reply.
I’m using DP0503 as rover with Pixhawk autopilot. But we’re using our own telemetry module, so please tell me what exact pin may I use as RTCM RX? This is unclear because the module has 2 ports A and B, but just one physical UART.

As you said there is only one physical UART on the DP0503.
Therefore, in order to make it work, you need to connect the telemetry kit directly to the Telem Pixhawk Port as well as the DP0503 connected to the GPS Pixhawk port (DP0503 switch in rover position, and UART cable from the rover connector to the Pixhawk)

Then you need to redirect RTCM messages from the telemetry to the DP0503 over the Pixhawk.

Not quite. I’m not injecting RTCM into MavLink so, is any way possible to transmit RTCM from own telemetry module to DP0503? Will it work if I connect RX pin on DP0503 to TX pin on telemetry module?

Yeah I am just telling you the straightforward way of doing it.
You seem to have ideas, go ahead and give it a try.

This should work as long as the DP0503 does not need any auto config from the Pixhawk autopilot at start up.

Hi Paul,
I’ve done this config, but encounter the trouble. The flight controller (Dropix) doesn’t see the GPS and the compass when I configure DP0503 manually according to this instruction:
Maybe this manual is outdated and you have a newer version?
PS. When I’m connecting DP0503 using all wires it configures itself normally, but compass still not available.

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Hi Vitaly,

If the DP0503 works well using both UART signal Rx&Tx, then the autopilot needs them.
Regarding the compass can you check that it is well detected into the mavlink console using QGroundControl ?
Usually the external magnetometer is automatically recognized during boot up sequence and then becomes the prefered one.
Wich autopilot are you using and which firmware version ?

Hi Paul,
It started working with Dropix (PX4 1.9.1 firmware).
But still doesn’t work with Pixhawk from Radiolink (I don’t know the board version, but it detects as PX4_FMU_V2) with the same firmware. Is this controller supported?