How to setup M8T + HMC5983 (XXL) with u-center?

Hi everybody,

I have some questions about M8T configuration with u-center, let me say:

  • How I can use HMC5983 compass with u-center?

  • How I can to inject RTCM 3.1 into M8T configuration? I have NTRIP and DGNSS interface correctly connected to NTCASTER Client, but in M8T configuration does not show anything.

  • Where I can to get the latest firmware?

Thanks a lot for your time.

I answer me in some questions:

I understand that M8T is RTCM 2.3 compatible but incompatible with 3.1, Think that only is compatible the M8P.

The latest official firmware for M8T is 2.3, but there are guys that upgrade to 3.01 to enable Galileo on M8N but break RTKLib 2.4.3. Also is compatible with M8T but lost timing functionalities.

Can anybody help me with HMC5983 in ucenter?

A lot of thanks!


  • the HCM5883 is connected to an external I2C bus, it is not connected to the M8T so you will not be able to control it via U-Center
  • I have never injected RTCM data in M8T, M8P is fully compatible though. An option there would be to log raw data and then post-process with RTKlib
  • firmware upgrade does not break SFRBX and RAWX messages, see this post : Which firmware version is shipping with the M8T XL?