How to test wether the telemetry is working?


I am having trouble with the communication between my two tiny rtk receivers (M8P).

I am using drotek’s RF chips ( ) but can’t get them to communicate with each other.

I tried to plug the telemetry from each GPS receiver to each other and I maman he’s to get DGNSS mode in ublox center. When I replace the cable between the receivers with the RF modules, there is nothing…

How can I know if the telemetry is working? I get solid green led. One of the telemetry is never showing in the COM port of my computer when plugged in through USB. However, using 3DR software I know it kind of works as remote and it is set to defaults settings.

Any clue if this telemetry is out of order?


Hi there,

Please check out the link below on how to configure the telemetries:

You may also refer to the following links for reference:
http: // ardupilot .org / copter / docs / common-3dr-radio-advanced-configuration-and-technical-information.html # forcing-bootloader-mode

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Thanks for your reply,

However I already have the telemetry settings reset to default. The baudrate from the telemetry is the same as the RTK in UBX-CFG-PRT.

My concern is more about the fact that the telemetry doesn’t want to show up in the COM ports of my computer. Is this a sign that it is dead?

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I see that you have the same baudrates set to both telemetries as shown in the document.
Can we please try to download/install drivers? There can be issues on Windows apart from Windows 10.
Check on Device Manager >> Ports >> Update driver.

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Hi Anthony,

All drivers are up to date or at least that’s what windows says!

Why did you send a link to the ublox drivers?


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When the COM ports are undetected, it can be because of the USB cable (you might want to use another usb cable) or it requires an update on ublox drivers.

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