Radio Telemetry Kit 433Mhz 500mW
Reference: 0642C07

i have problem with thoese modules, connection losses!

Somtimes connection between modules and pixhak is comming up,
It depends on where the module is currently located
but when module ist tasted ore simply mooved, then comes connection loss and green led goes blinking.
I have this problem with all modules ordered here, 5 pairs.
When the modules are connected, and they where moved ore turned, they lose the connection. I tested and replaced the cables. But only the supplied cables.

But i think the problems are finaly not the cables, becouse on all modules the same error occures.

One of the supplied serial cables even caused a wire to slip out of the connector. Are these only crimped? The quality does not seem to be very good. The modules are operated on a Pixhawk.
Do you have a solution?

Second problem:

Drops connection too if connectet to Bluetooth module HC-06 Serial Bluetooth RF Transceiver Module RS232 für Arduino.
BTM crashes, connection to other device canceled , green led blinking

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Any solutions !?