Important condition leading to transition to RTK Fix mode


I use the Tiny RTK and am would be glad if you could kindly list down the important condition under which the transition from Float to Fix mode is attained.

Pls list down the factors that affect the the acquisition time and if there is a time period during which the RTK would perform its best.


the main conditions for the best results are:

  • Clear sky view
  • Fewest possible buildings around
  • High quality antennas (active antennas are the most reliable but expensive)

A clear sky view will diminish the noises, having the fewest possible buildings around will prevent from having a lot of reflections of the signals, and active antennas will provide the best link with the satellites.


Thanks !!!

  1. To what extent does the ground plane help in noise reduction (from surrounding and also from on-board
    electronics) and
  2. With regard to the survey-in, what accuracy and time will help in better improving the RTK performance
    (For eg, if I say 10 sec and 10 m, i believe the RTK performance will not be very good).
    Any tip to set the values.

Hi man,

I’m not certain the ground plane reduces the noises, but it for sure increases the gain of the antenna. You should be able to find more informations here.

About the survey-in process, you should find values that suit your application the best, because you can set the values for instance as 10 min and 0,30 m but the time necessary for the algorithms to compute the position will take a lot of time, more than an hour. Reaching an accuracy of ~1 m takes around 10 to 20 minutes in common conditions.

I advise you run a test with different values and see how quickly you can get the necessary accuracy. For instance, run a test for 1 meter, then 75 cm, etc… and see what suits you most.

A little more details :

  • RTK algorithm can calculate precisely the vector between your rover and your base, this positioning is relative
  • this is why we need to know base’s position accurately, in order to work with absolute positioning
  • if you do not need to work with absolute positioning, “low” settings for Survey-in are fine

Hi Lac

Does rain, cloudy conditions affect RTK GPS performance other factors that do so.
Is there any condition wherein the satellites crossover would boost the RTK Fix performance ?