Imu 10dof - mpu6050 + hmc5883 + ms5611 v2

Hi. I just received my IMU 10DOF - MPU6050 + HMC5883 + MS5611 V2 sensor and connected it to my teensy2 board. I configured MultiWii 2.2 to use this sensor with #define DROTEK_10DOF_MPU and when i test it with MultiWiiConf i get very good sensor data. Acc., Gyro. and Mag. work great, but at the same time i get lots of i2c errors. Also the altitude sensor does not seem to work. I get a constant value of -0.02.

So the question is. How can i fix the i2c errors? Do i need to set some special flags to activate the altitude sensor?

Hi loopmasta,

Since you activate the DROTEK_10DOF_MPU flag, your 10DOF must go on and the connections between controler and 10DOF seem to be good as you have acc. gyro and mag. work great.
i think that your pressure sensor is down (may be soldering problem or component break) that’s why you’ve got some I2C errors and a constant meseared value.

@Spocky: Thanks for your answer. I did send the board back to drotek for further testing. So far i have not received any email since then. Not even if the board actually arrived at drotek. We’ll see. I hope to get a response soon.

We have just sent your IMU. Now all work fine!
Let me know when you receive it.
Have a good day.

Hi drotek. I received the board today and did some tests to see if its working now. I am sorry to tell you that the board (or at least the master i2c chip in the MPU) is completely dead. I can not establish a I2C connection what so ever. As a reference i did the same test with some other i2c boards and they all worked as expected. So i think my setup (voltage, wiring, etc…) is ok.

ok so we can test your board if you want. You have to send us back it please.

Ok. I send the board back to you. Thank you for your support.

Greetings from sunny cologne

Hi drotek,

the new board works really great. No I2C errors, very stable, good data reading. Thank you very much for your support.

You’re welcome!! :wink: