Imu 10dof - mpu6050 + hmc5883 + ms5611 v2

Hello everybody,

I bought this IMU and the following I2C address is given on the shop-site for the magnetometer

HMC5883 -> 30 (0x1E)

However the magnetometer cannot communicate directly over I2C with this address. The jeff rowberg libraries do not work. I think it has to be connected over the MPU6050 aux I2C. Could you please provide a link to an example on how to do that ?

Thanks and best wishes

To answer my question: On the MPU6050 the following calls of the jeff rowberg library havet to be made:


After this calls the Magnetometer can be used as usual. Please consider a hint in the product page.
Best wishes


I faced the same problem.
Many thanks for the hint Tobias.

I shared the basic example for the HMC5883L, modified to work with this board.

And here is a complete software to get all sensors (and to transfer them with a RC emitter).

This is work in progress so do not hesitate to share any improvement.

As Tobias said, I think at least an hint should be given on the product page, to save time for everybody.