Inconsistent/Skipped UART Messages

We’re using the Sirius F9P Rover in our drone application and have observed instances where the module does not consistently output messages on the UART. We have it setup to send NAV-PVT , NAV-DOP and MON-RF messages on a 10 HZ interval. With an oscilloscope connected to the UART TX line and setup to trigger on a 200ms or greater idle period (UART TX 3.3V), we’ve detected idle periods of up to 500ms. This appears to happen after the unit is powered up for a while and the message gaps appear to get greater the longer it’s powered up. Has anyone seen this before?

Hi there,

I have never experienced such behavior nor have I tried a setup such as yours. Sincere apologies.
Can you test the message gaps without enabling the NAV-PVT, NAV-DOP and MON-RF or any other messages. Sometimes, I face some issues when I overload the module with large amounts of message outputs configured via UBX-CFG-MSG.

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