Is it possible to use 3.3V to power IMU 6DOF - MPU6050?

Hi, I’m planning a project with IMU 6DOF - MPU6050 breakout board (JST connector).
I want to use the Teensy3 microcontroller, but this question applies to any 3.3V microcontroller.

Can I use the 3.3V output from Teensy3 to power your MPU6050 breakout board?
I know from your specs that there is a voltage regulator in your breakout board, which admits 5V, but sometimes there is a wider working range for those regulators and they admit 3.3V.

Thanks in advance.
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By the way, did you put pull-up resistors in the SDA, SCL lines?
If yes with which value?

Thanks in advance.
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Sorry but you have to supply the IMU with 5V!

Thank you for the quick response. I can manage to do that.

What about de data signals SCL, SDA? Do they also work at 5V or at 3.3V?

Thanks in advance.

I found the answer in the MPU6050 product specs.
The digital inputs/outputs are referenced to Vdd (power supply to MPU6050), and Vdd operating range is 2.375V-3.46V.

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The SDA and SCL lines are pull up to the 3.3V of the board.

Thanks a lot for your help.