JST-GH plug for tiny rtk


where can I buy plugs/wires for the JST-GH connector on tiny rtk?

The delivery contained no cables, so

seems to be wrong.

Thank you

That is definitely an error on our side, apologies for that. Can you please open a ticket there? Please provide your order number and we will send you them.

Thank you for taking care.

Unfortunately, I have tried several days to get hold of such plugs, by emails to your place without response, and then have ordered some in England and two other places (which didn’t fit).
This spoiled some time and money.

And even more unfortunately, after some desperate days, I have decided to solder the cable directly onto your PCB, which eventuelly spoiled my antenna input (because of my own fault):

Well, now I’m looking forward for a happy end :slight_smile:

I think the easiest way to deal with this is that you send us back your device, so we can repair it and send back the cables with it. Please open a ticket mentioning this conversation on https://drotek.com/ticket/