Kinetics support?

I am a graduate student, for my thesis, I am making an autonomous ground vehicle, where I would require precision GPS. I believe your TINY RTK module would be a good fit for my project. There were few questions I had, I thought if you could help me with those.

The ROS distribution on the robot will be kinetics and communication between either WiFi or Zigbee. Do you have ROS (kinetics) node for the TINY RTK module ? Will I be able use WiFi or Zigbee to connect between base and rover?

Let me know if this is possible.

I believe the Zigbee module use serial communication. That should work.
If you need a WIFI communication I advise you to connect an ESP8266 module to the base/rover rtk.

Thanks, for prompt reply. Will I be able to use ROS kinetics though?

I don’t know sorry

Can you tell me about how do you connect between Tiny RTK with ROS?