Large offset magnetic field RM3100

Dear all,

It seems that the magnetic field measurement on my new F9P featuring RM3100 magnetometer has a large offset. It behaves normal as e.g. the internal compasses of a pixhawk, just with an offset of around 1.8k uT.

Have you an idea, how this problem can be solved?
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It is best to place the sensor as far away from sources of high magnetism as possible from metal, wires, ground, walls, etc.

Thank you for your reply,
I’m aware that the sensor should be far away from these sources.
However, these offsets occur outside and the other two magnetometer are not influenced.

In addition the mag behaves the same as the other, except the large offset

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Hello ChraebiPK,
can you explain how to access the data from the RM3100 or in general magnetometer? Is it possible via U-Center (and output it via NMEA?)?

Hi cona,

I’m plotting these data through the pixhawk. (I’m using the raw magnetometer data, without offsets).
As far as I know u-center is not able to show the data of the internal compass. It just determines the heading through two gps positions.

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Thank you!
It’s surprising to me, so as well it’s not possible to output it via NMEA? I use the rover connected via USB to an Android Tablet with GNSS Commander which need NMEA input. Then I’ll try with my pixhawk together.