Latest firmware for M8P chips from uBlox

With the newest firmware (1.40) from uBlox, are there any concerns to use it on the tinyRTK (rover and ground).


Hello Luis,

Sorry for the late answer. We have seen no concerns.
The purpose of the update is mainly to enhance RTK performance and to bring “moving base” functionality.


tiny RTK was perfectly working with my Solo. I am impressed with results and so my partners.

Moving base was important for what I have been doing so far, so I decided to upgrade the firmware rom 1.2 to 1.4.

However I did something wrong in the process and u-center freeze. Now Windows recognize the device in the correct COM but MP or u-center do not “see” the device. Maybe firmware Eprom blown out :frowning: (???)

It is completely my fault, but could you help me please?

Hi, I have the same issue I don’t think it’s our fault… my computer freezes now and the GPS is stuck in some unknown state

Hi Rick
You have to roll back to your previous firmware It will be solved. You have to follow the Marcel indicates here: Tiny RTK NEO-M8P firmware upgrade to HPG 1.40
but using a older firmware.

I downgraded to 1.21 and it came back to normal

Hoping it helps


Hi, Can anyone tell me how to downgraded my neo M8?
Since I have upgraded the base and rover with the HPG40 and setup the configuration, the rover stay in 3D mode, and I can’t find the old firmeware