M8P Solo install questions

Dear Kevin,
I just received the Solo m8p and the tiny RTK base module. Thanks!
I configured everything as described in your wiki and since I get the 3D dgps status in Mission Planner I assume I have configured everything correct so far.
My questions:

  • do I need to solder the bridge on the tiny RTK base module?
  • Can I somewhere distinguish between a float or fixed RTK lock? Right now it just tells me “3D dgps”
  • Is it a real RTK application or just a differential GPS (DGPS) solution with lower accuracy compared to RTK?
  • Do I need to update the m8p firmware or do the drotek boards carry the latest releases from ublox?

Thanks for getting back to me.


To answer your questions :

  • no need to solder the bridge, you are using USB to get differential data from the base
  • not for the moment, we quickly updated Solo firmware so that users could have immediate support for our boards. We are using a basic message to tell the user whether differential corrections are coming or not. But keep in mind that it is a “display issue”, internally the module works with float/fix. Two things now : Ardupilot are integrating Solo into master, the code handles this difference. It this comes to a stable version rapidly the best option would be to wait for it. Otherwise we could make another modification to add the support for the fix/float display.
  • as said before, it is real RTK
  • it is always better to have the latest version :slight_smile: Firmware on Drotek boards is usually last but one.
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Thanks for getting back.
It likely will take a longer time in my view until Arducopter 3.5 will support Solo - therefore it would be great if you could provide this enhancement to the 1.5.3 Solo firmware to get th float/fix message correctly displayed in MP.
Another reason in my view is that 1.5.3 is the current 3DR Sitescan version, so it would make sense to keep the support for RTK also in that branch of the Arducopter code.