Measure interference in the RTK module


I am using the TINY RTK for precision landing and it was working well before with consistent RTK Fix status and cm level landing.

Recently I did some changes to the GCS by integrating the WiFi router, power board, battery, Base RTK module and antenna (pics attached of drone and GCS)

After a flight test, It was not consistent at RTK Fix mode and also from the flight logs, there seems to be some interference which I suspect is causing the inconsistency in the Fix mode

How much effect will the interference have in the RTK GPS stability and can I measure the interference caused by the electronics on-board the drone that affects the Rover RTK module. Also is there any setting that will help to minimize the interference.

Some query regarding the Rover RTK, I suppose it is automatically configured the flight controller ?

Assistance is highly appreciated in the matter.

Your Base Station antenna is good looking, how is it performing?
Who is the manufacturer?

Thank you


Its a custom made base station,

Hi Francis,

If you want to measure the interference levels, you should probably use a spectrum analyzer.
Otherwise you can have a look at GPS logs where you can find :

  • horizontal precision
  • vertical precision
  • number of satellites
  • jamming factor

Looking at SNR on U-Center could also help.