Mechanical positioning of Drotek within a hand held device

Hi, I am to be installing a Drottek IMU 10DOF - MPU9250 + MS5611 inside my hand held device. This device is waterproof and shock proof.
I want to know the mechanical specs I must follow in order for it to work correctly when installed in to my device i.e does part of the item need to be visible to the outside of the case, has it got any restrictions, like can it be close to other components.


You need to configure the accelerometer and gyroscope registers in order to get a range in accordance with your application (for example, 2G for the accel or 250 degrees/second for the gyro). If you don’t, your sensors will saturate.

The MS5611 reads pressure, so if the enclosure is completely airtight the sensor is likely to return the same altitude all the time. It must not be exposed to directly to wind either, otherwise its readings will be affected (in that case it is good to protect it with a foam).