Minimum Accuray setting for getting RTK Modus

What is the minimum accuracy setting for getting RTK Modus
when using Tiny RTK Base, Tiny RTK Rover with mission planner 3.4.5 ?


I strongly recommend to use the latest MP beta since it includes a number of bugfixes and enhancements for RTK. Currently it is version
2 meters accuracy is fully sufficient for a RTK float lock.


In my case MP 1.3.45 version is not working at all. I get the COM port error even if drivers and everything are installed and working properly in u-center. (I am a sad WIN 10 user)

before the beta update, lets say before last weekend, RTK lock was working with no problems. However, and since the beta update, survey-in is always invalid even if satellites are locked and stabilized all above 30% signal. ‘Observations’ don’t move.

Any idea?