Mission Planner doesn’t show RTK condition [SOLVED]


We already read the official instruction setup of Tiny RTK in here, and other available source.

And finally this is our configuration and setup for the first trial of Tiny RTK,

  • Base
    Activate RTCM 1005,1027,1087,1127, NAV-SVIN via UART1 and USB
    Activare TIMEMODE3 Survey-in

  • Rover
    Soldered Bridge (because we are using just a pair of telemetry to send all
    differential data over MAVLink from the Base)
    Auto configure by Flight Controller.

  • Schematic

After connect to MissionPlanner and Inject the Base, we got the Fixed Location of Base,
but we are still don’t get the RTK.
Base and Rover already in latest Firmware.
Please, any ideas or a solution for the problem?

Thank you, regards

What firmware on your Pixhawk ?

The hardware setup looks perfect. Do you get normal (not RTK) GPS solutions or no solution at all?

After doing more research, the RTK solution is came up after im update again the firmware of all device.

Thanks for all response,