Mounting the Pixhawk 3 Pro


I would like to ask two questions

  1. Are there any screw holes to mount the Pixhawk 3 Pro to the drone? Which way of attaching is suggested?
  2. Can I mount the Pixhawk 3 Pro ‘up-side-down’, so that the small arrow can be seen from below th drone?

I would love two answers.

All the best.


There are 4 screw holes on the bottom of the Pixhawk 3 Pro. You can see them on one of Pixhawk’s pictures.
It’s not recommended to place the autopilot up-side-down due to the anti-vibration system inside the case.

Hello Jerome,

thank you for the answer. Nice writing with you again. Can you supply us with the hole positions for the mounting holes?

I’m not sure that you need about the hole positions. Can you explain me please?

Hey. I just find to figure out the position of the attachment holes to plan the positioning of the holes in CAD.

I don’t have the CAO files but you can request to please.